EMSS - Special

My Business Matches is trusted SaaS solution that helps Federal Procurement Decision Makers to find procurement ready Vendors

My Business Matches, is a Service Disabled Veteran owned and 8(a) company with a patent-pending, B2B matchmaking / engagement platform and software that provide all the necessary tools and services to intelligently match buyers and sellers globally  

Key BenefitsFeatures

User Features

Intiuitive User Dashboard

Teaming module helping to meet Contract Requirement


Government Projects Experience

Years of experience with serving government customers allowed us to develop effective internal processes for government-oriented projects

Project Management Included

Assign a Project Manager who will develop and deliver a Project Management Plan

User Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing (UAT) is the last phase of the software testing process. During UAT, actual software users test the software to make sure it can handle required tasks in real-world scenarios, according to specifications.

API Documentation

Extensive API documentation allow to integrate with internal systems faster and  more efficient

Operations & Maintenance Support

Modifying or correcting business rules, custom data integrations, custom reports, extended SLA's


Modifying or correcting business rules

Secure redundant hosting with 99.7% SLA

Data Integrations

100 hours of development time included

Help desk support 9-5 pm CST Additional Help desk support for specific events call center or in person available at additional cost

Staff training on the utilization of EMSS to include pdf guides and video demonstration of use

Up to 20 000 platform users

Virtual Meetings(at Large Package)



110 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78205 


Data Integrations

Data Integrations plays key role in our system. Years of experience allowed us to be able to integrate seamleslly with multiple systems including

SAM Database



EMSS features to include

Market Research Capability browsing though proprietary and government databases with AI-powered Contract-to-Vendor Matching 

Vendor Outreach Event Website and Mobile Web App Builder 

Powerful  Event Builder 

Our powerful event builder allows you to create your Vendor Outreach Events quickly with custom business rules supported to serve even most complex outreach event model of operation

AI powered Vendor 2 Contract Matching

Secure Environment

Our SaaS solution is hosted on AWS Fedramp-certified infrastrucutre

"Our notification system allows Federal Contractors to reach  Vendors during or post-event.  Also it allows vendors to opt-in to be automatically notified about incoming federal opportunities.

Actionable Notifications

Meeting Scheduling System to handle your meetings and followup. One-to-many meetings supported.

Up to 20000 daily users supported daily (ability to support millions of users – additional charges may apply). Twenty-five admin accounts included.

Infrastructure security compliance 

Redundant infrastructure for Disaster Recovery purposes

Full system snapshots every 6 hour

99.97% Uptime access to content to include backups and continuity of operations

Matchmaker Configuration - meeting types, 

Event Website Creator with multiple  modules supported including Speakers, Agenda, NRT Sessions

Web APP generator that creates fully supported mobile web App (both IOS and Android supported)

Vendor Background Check against multiple Database

             About EMSS 

EMSS is a full featured SaaS solution trusted by Governments worldwide allowing to match procurement ready vendors with contracts. EMSS built in AI-powered Contract-2-Vendor Matching Technology, Government Databases integration and built-in on-site and virtual events management system allows to increase number of  vendors in your pipeline.

Reporting Capabilities 

  • Powerful recommendation engine suggesting best vendors to meet during event or through 24/7 B2G  tform
  • Personalized Filters: by State, Previous Goverment Performance, Compatibility Scoring, Business Categories, Favorites
  • Ability to schedule meetings in person or virtually.
  • Ability to export matching vendors
  • 3rd party and or Government database integrations for easier Vendor Background Check
  • Compability Scoring Module with Fuzzy logic support automatically labeling companies based on calculated score
  • Ability to generate market research reports
  • PIVOT table functionality allowing to create custom visual reports with no-coding
  • Integration with External Business Inteligence Tools

Ability to register to multiple events

Build & Export your Event Schedule

Virtual Meetings

No installation needed, supports major browsers

Ability to conduct virtual meeting during event or post event

Automatic reminders via text messages

Ability to conduct virtual meeting with up to 10 participants